Integrity Solutions

Our approach is holistic and full cycle

ETIC was established to merge and assist the movement of companies’ integrity and compliance with the EU and Portuguese legal frameworks. ETIC assists foreign companies in the implementation of their activities and projects in Portugal fully abiding by its legal framework.

Integrity Solutions

Ours services

  • ESG and ODS

    Sustainability is an unwavering compromise in ETIC’s work, committed with the accomplishment of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Courses and Training

    It is not enough to provide the instruments and customize the organization’s structure and performance; as vital as that is to assert a positive organizational culture, coaching leadership and collaborators to boost the impacts of the changes made and avoid mistakes that can jeopardize the organization.

  • Organizational Policies Development

    ETIC builds and enhences your internal policies and procedures, assuring an activity with due diligence, in addition to the Ethical and Conduct Codes of your organization.

  • Legal Consultancy

    Prioritizing a preventive approach, ETIC may provide legal services and counselling, when judicial and administrative conflicts arise legally representing the organization.

  • Whistleblowing Channels and Internal Investigation

    Through Restorative Corporate Investigations, we thrive to protect and embrace those that report complaints, hence reestablish the eticity and legality of internal operations.

  • Academic Mentorship

    We offer specialized service to students and researchers in the preparation of their academic projects and other forms of knowledge production in the scientific areas of Law and Sociology.